Our Story

Our story begins in France, where food is at the heart of the home and made for sharing. Living in the beautiful city of Aix-en-Provence, we learnt all about making the most delicious traditional French treats, like sweet crêpes, fondues (cheese and chocolate) and waffles. We went to Brittany to learn about the original recipe for galettes, which uses gluten-free buckwheat flour. We instantly fell in love with the idea of opening our own café in England where we could share our French creations with you, using original recipes and authentic ingredients. We chose Windsor because it is quintessentially English and full of history! As we love pink, we put it at the heart of our café for a fun twist to our French delights.


Windsor is very special to us and is at the heart of Sel Et Sucre. As one of the Queen’s favourite places, it’s quintessentially English. That’s why we’ve added so many traditional English touches to our café! Our walls are covered in pink roses because the rose is England’s national flower, and we’ve retained the original exposed beams (painted pink, of course) to keep the English charm. We even have a pink fireplace for a cosy, cottagey feel.

We also adore our building because it’s bursting with history. It’s a Listed building on historic Church Street and was formerly Ye Olde King’s Head – the oldest inn in Windsor, which was opened in 1525 during the reign of King Henry VIII! One of the most incredible things about the building is the plaque above the window that records the 1648 warrant for King Charles I’s execution. William Shakespeare is also said to have stayed at Ye Olde King’s Head (now Sel Et Sucre) when he was writing The Merry Wives of Windsor! How amazing is that?

Just a few doors along from us is Burford House, which is where King Charles II is thought to have housed his favourite mistress, Nell Gwyn. And, if you go a few streets further, you’ll find Queen Charlotte Street, which, at just under 52 feet, is the shortest street in Britain.

So, with all this culture, you can see why we chose Windsor for our location. Where better for a princess-pink cottagey café than down a medieval cobbled street opposite a castle?

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